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My favorite aspect of working as a consultant is that my time is spent 100% focused on you as a client and your business. Marketing and advertising departments are expensive and hiring a consultant is usually the most financially feasible option for small businesses. The best part is you set the pace for your strategy.

Whether you have a brand-new business you're trying to get up and running or you have an established client base and are looking to expand, we have an option for everyone! The other promise? I'm a small business owner myself and I do not want a bunch of jargon thrown at me. When we talk, it will be down to earth in understandable language. Your time is valuable and running a small business probably has you stretched to capacity. 

Digital Strategy

Everything your business needs to make an online presence. Perfect for those who have established websites and social media and need help promoting your products and services to potential customers.

Website Design and Hosting

Every business needs a website. We offer custom website design and hosting with low rates. Plus, we also offer training on how to update your own website so you're in control of your content!


Maybe you've hit a slump. Maybe you've inherited a business and it needs some updating. Or maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes. We take a look at your current content and focus on giving your business the power it needs!

Logo Design

Need something that isn't clipart? We can help. Our logo design takes into account your business and branding and will create a beautiful logo that can be used on all types of materials.

SEO Strategy

This is one of those things that fall into the "jargon" category. But, if you want your website to be one of the first choices when a potential client searches keywords on Google, you need a good SEO Strategy. 

Print Materials

There's a lot online, but there's also a ton still done via print and mail. We can design brochures, flyers, business cards, infographics, advertisements, conference materials and more!


Writer's block? We can create compelling copy for your project. We understand how important it is to know the customer and know what grabs attention and makes them want to learn more, purchase, or visit. 

Social Media Marketing

We know, get off your phone. But what better way to reach your customers than right through the mini computer in their hands? We can create posts for you, manage all your calendars, or just give some advice! 


Art is a passion of ours. Whether you need a mural for your kid's room, a custom piece of furniture, or your logo on a wall in the office, we can do it all!

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