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What is a Cat Spring?


Cat Spring is a small town in Southeast Texas. It's full of rolling pastures and hundred-year-old live oaks. It's also where I grew up and have called home for many years. 

I started this business about 12 years ago on the side, providing marketing consulting, social media, copy writing, creative design services, and artwork production. Since then, it has grown into a full-time passion that I'm proud to continue. 

I'm a Jill of All Trades type of person and this allows me to offer a wide array of services to my clients using my extensive background and their business savvy. I have a degree in advertising and public relations with a minor in English from Texas Christian University and have worked with a large number of industries.

Fun personal fact? We rescue special needs and elderly animals and spoil them with love, attention, and treats.


Meet Some of Our Clients

The Carriage Step


Schneider Hall

Coldwell Banker-The Ron Brown Company


Darrell Appelt

The Courtyard

Wine Bar

4V Beefmaster Ranch

The Williams Firm



Willowfork Fire Dept.


Columbus Chamber

of Commerce

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