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Case Study: Multiple Office Real Estate Company

This particular real estate company has several offices throughout a wide area geographical area. Unfortunately, their social media offerings were targeted at a population that was very urban as this is where the main office was located.

Several individuals in the office with the most remote clientele requested that they have a differing approach to social media as the engagement was low.

After gaining access to the metrics of their Facebook and Instagram pages, we were able to discern that certain types of posts were gaining more engagement and shares than others. Through a series of comparisons and A/B testing, we were able find what types of posts showed the most engagement and which types were scrolled past regularly.

From there, we were able to create a social media calendar that is updated on a monthly basis with scheduled posts tailored to the office's goings on, listings, open houses, and agents. In between those scheduled posts, we also offer specific posting for last minute items such as community involvement, awards, and agent certifications.

The page gained new followers, saw a 200% increase in engagement, and had more shares in the first month than the past six months with no page boosts or paid advertisements. The best part is this type of work allows for a client to keep within a set budget while seeing great results without breaking the bank!

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