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Case Study: Expanding a B&B's Options

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

A small bed & breakfast was sold to two women who were interested in continuing some of the practices but also wanted to increase awareness and revenue. The old owners stated they were having trouble keeping the place afloat due to financial constraints and the business not even breaking even with their bills.

After meeting with the new owners, we conducted a SWOT analysis and determined that a few factors could make a big difference. The first is that the website was outdated, and the name would be changing so the domain would also be nonfunctional. The second was that there was no social media presence, and the final was that the B&B did not take online reservations and was not listed on any other booking sites.

The first objective was to build a brand that would stand out for the new owners. We created a new logo and style guide that would allow them to create advertisements in the future. After discussing the types of services they wanted to offer other than the overnight stays, we developed a website with all of these listings available to book online.

The next objective was to have their social media presence built up. We created Facebook and Instagram pages for the B&B and created a calendar with scheduled posts that took the burden off of the owners in terms of content.

While the social media and website were great low-cost options for the new owners to begin increasing their offered services, such as afternoon tea, lunches, and small gatherings; the B&B lacked bookings, which was their main source of income. We delved into the online marketplace for house type lodgings and set up the B&B on AirBnB, VRBO, and HomeAway. Ensuring that we could sync all of the calendars with the one that functioned on the newly designed website enabled the new owners to guarantee they had no double bookings and easily track which sites were gaining the most traffic and bookings.

Through these efforts, the B&B gained more customers for its monthly teas, attracted more B&B guests, and was able to slowly shift their profits from the red to the black.

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